10 Vaucluse



This apartment in Vaucluse required a total transformation from being dark and dated to being a light and modern canvas for the client’s collection of valuable artworks, as well as being a home full of creature comforts.

We went full Spruce and started with sanding, bleaching and sealing the existing timber floors, updating the paint throughout and then moved onto the kitchen overhaul. This entailed respraying the cabinetry, re-tiling the splashbacks, and replacing the stone on the countertops.

All of this had to be done whilst the client was away in Cuba with limited internet or phone access, the fact that he trusted us completely was a huge advantage as to why this project ran so smoothly. Not to mention the fact that we did a lot of ground work before he left and were prepared for when he was able to make contact.

The most rewarding part of this project however, was completely transforming the space and the quality of natural light without having to do any structural changes; simply being resourceful with finish selections, particularly the floors.