As a full service consultancy, Spruce Design & Interiors offers the following:

Interior Furnishing Selections

Exterior Furnishing Selections

Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Custom Furniture Design

Art and Accessory Curation

Colour, Materials, and Finish Selections

•  Window Treatments

•  Hardware and Fixture Selection

•  Colour and Paint Direction (Interior/Exterior)

•  Project Management

•  Spatial Layout and Design


We have developed our own process to be able to
make your vision a reality. We also pride ourselves on really getting to know our clients; what makes them tick, how they live, work and play and most of all what inspires them and lights them up from the inside.

1.  Initial Design Consultation ($330):
In-home, walk-through of your space, followed by a deep discussion about your needs, wish list, and style preferences. We want to get to know you. This session is up to two hours and can include, but is not limited to; brainstorming of possible design solutions, preliminary budget and timeline expectations and capturing “Before” images. After this session, if you choose to work with us, this consultation fee will be deducted off your first invoice.

2.  Concept creation:
This is where the creative process starts by designing mood boards to capture the atmosphere of the space, interpretations of your style and your preferred colour palette.

3.  Space planning:
Once the creative process has started, we begin with the more technical requirements such as measurement taking, layout design as well as lighting and furniture placement.

4.  Sourcing items:
This is where a lot of the fun happens for us. We have established relationships with a large pool of reputable suppliers, often only accessible to the design industry. We visit well known commercial and bespoke showrooms, where we choose the right finishing materials, furniture, lighting, art pieces and accessories, all whilst staying true to the budget.

5.  Presentation of the project to the client:
Once we’ve collated all the furnishing, fixture and material samples, we present them to you in a concise presentation along with the spatial plans and samples wherever possible.

6.  Possible amendments:
You then have an opportunity to sit with it all and decide if you’d like to make any changes. Our goal is to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the result.

7. Project implementation:
We then start the process of placing and monitoring the orders as well as overseeing the work of our suppliers.

8.  Installation:
We project manage the onsite installation and get to work on the styling to present to you your dream project. It’s the big reveal, the grand finale of the process.