Dover Heights i

Aside from making clients’ interior dreams come to life, another common reason we get called is to troubleshoot a previous interior designer’s revamp that went wrong. This 4-bedroom home in Dover Heights was one such project where we had to re-instil a fair amount of trust in the client after her previous disappointing experience.

The brief from the client was to reconsider the home’s practicality as well as updating it’s over-all look and feel. The former was particularly important to her as it’s a family home and she loves to entertain. This required a two-pronged approach, namely that the spaces had to be highly functional and efficient as well as inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

We started with creating a clean and contemporary palette, by painting the walls a crisp white and re-sanding and re-staining the timber floors a darker charcoal hue. From here we took inspiration from the quaint garden beyond, which informed much of the choice of accent colours and shades for the accessories, art and soft furnishings - nature is always an abundant source of inspiration. In terms of practicality and space optimization, we specified a number of custom pieces like an unusually large dining table and sofas in all the living areas. We also designed extra-large, bespoke floor rugs to demarcate and define each node within the home.

Earning the client’s trust was both the most challenging and rewarding part of this project. Seeing her look of absolute delight that we had ticked every box of her brief, both aesthetically and practically, is part of the reason why we love what we do.

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